You had to use the brain to outsmart your opponent for a certain victory according to the situation such a game format called Strategy game.

Strategy Games are the oldest form of gaming whether chess, card games we playing these games long before smartphones. but the core is the same you had to outsmart your opponents according to a situation in front of you for certain victory. Strategy Games are an excellent way to test your brain, to challenge yourself but in the end, your success depends on your reasoning. so, are you up for a challenge to beat Best Strategy Games for Android.

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Best Strategy Games for Android

So here I going to mention historical strategy games,turn-based strategy games, science fiction epics, war strategy games, and many more. According to there rating on play store, usability function, and popularity so, are you ready?

1. Bloons TD 6

Best Strategy Games for Android

Bloons TD 6

Price- $4.99 Offers in-app purchases

Bloons TD 6 is a massive 3D tower defense game in the long-running series. In this game, you play as a monkey to protect the tower from bad guys by crafting perfect defense using various abilities, heroes, and Monkey tower.

Bloons TD 6 offers offline play mode with added difficulty and various modes to make the game much more exciting, challenging, and fun. The game can give you hours of the best gameplay experience hence its best Strategy Games for Android.

2. Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition
Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Price: $4.99

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a Strategy game where your father killed by Viking now you are king and you must protect your castle from bad guys. It somewhat newer game but follow classical tropes like defending Castel but with a newer rouge-like element. the system automatically generates the castle and you had to protect them all. a more important fact about the game that if the commander dies then they lost permanently. The game had some to fewer bugs but gets regularly patched with updates. Bad North: Jotunn Edition is not free you had to pay $4.99 onetime with no in-app purchase.

3. Heroes of Flatlandia

Heroes of Flatlandia
Heroes of Flatlandia


Heroes of Flatlandia is another great fantasy turn-based strategy game with excellent gameplay accompanied by decent graphics. In-game you lead noble elves, bloodthirsty orcs, brave dwarfs to fight against bad guys. you can raise an army, loot you, enemies, use powerful spells to give you edge in battel, it offers 30 different units and 8 playable heroes with fun tactical multiplayer game experience. Although it seems cool sometimes lack depth but overall its great Fantasy turned-based strategy game. it comes with the full demo if you like then you can buy it with no in-app purchase

4. Xcom


Price- paid 

Xcom enemy within is standalone expansion to critically acclaimed XCOM unknown. It’s one of the best strategy game for android on play store offers fun turned based strategy gaming experience with added 50% more content. In game you play as commander and your mission is to protect earth from invaders.this time Xxom added new soldier ability, new weapon,new strategic resources ,new enemy threat organization called EXALT and new story element. the game is a huge about 3.4gb so check your storage before buying other than that great paid game.

5. Card Thief

Card Thief
Card Thief

Price: Free / $1.99/Contains Ads·Offers in-app purchases

Card thief uniquely blends card game into strategy with stealth gameplay. In this game, you had to move around the dock and steal the valuable treasure without being detected. You can use the treasure to unlock powerful cards which is very useful during the heist. card thief offers deep gameplay and requires tactical planning to succeed. You will be rewarded for risk, you can download the game for free but to unlock to full version it costs about $1.99.

6.Machines at War 3

Machines at War 3
Machines at War 3


Machines at War 3 is one of the best real-time strategy games. Your responsibility is to beat the trouble makers and spare a few researchers. It includes a profound story that covers 21 missions. It additionally includes 130 unique sorts of units and tech to fabricate. It offers unlimited random map skirmishes with 5000 unique battles that you can play with friends with its multiplayer feature. The game is quite expensive but totally worth a price of $6.99 with no in-app purchase.

7.ROME: Total War

ROME: Total War
ROME: Total War

Price -paid

ROME: Total War is an epic war strategy game set in ancient Rome. You had to fight and conquer formidable factions such as Europe, North Africa and 14 more in the real-time epic battle with a turn-based campaign. Turn your screen into a humongous battlefield with thousands of troops, from legionaries, spearmen, and archers to cavalry, chariots, with war elephants. Rome’s total war offers an epic map to immerse into. This game is not free you had to pay one time with no in-app purchase. It requires more than 3 GB of space so make sure you had enough space also check is your smartphone supported by makers or not and embark on your journey right away.

8. Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2
Civilization Revolution 2

Price- free with in app purchase 

Civilization Revolution 2 is another great battle war strategy game. Immerse yourself in massive person vs person battle where strongest wins. Build your army, empire, pick your side, form alliances, and build the greatest civilizations world ever seen. You are the king of a new world but your mighty empire destroyed by enemies now you had to build it from scratch and prepare for war it’s a basic theme of the game.

Loot your enemies, destroy there cities collect intelligence, and train your armies to conquer the world using strategy and tactical knowledge. this game is free to download with some in-app purchases.

9.Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3
Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Price: $3.99 with in-app purchases

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is Race team strategy online game that is unique in its own way. You get the opportunity to construct your own special motorsport group starting from the earliest stage. That incorporates employing drivers, mechanics, constructing a vehicle, and dashing to win. The game climate constantly changes that the player must adjust to. It offers multiplayer action up to 10 players even non-moto cop lovers will delight by this game. It free to install a game with some in-app purchases and contains ads. its online play feature is cool and uniquely executed.

10.Pocket City

Pocket City
Pocket City

Price: Free / $3.99

Pocket City is the most popular city building simulation game similar to Sim City. Take a stab at saying that multiple times quickly. Anyway, this game has a great deal to like about it. You build a city with all different parts from scratch and act as mayor. Players control things like income, traffic, resident joy, The game is very straightforward, contains no microtransactions, and it works without network with no issues. There are two versions of poker city to download. The full version contains more features, including a sandbox mode so I recommend the full version. it’s one of the Best Strategy Games for Android

What you guys think about this list? let me know your Best Strategy Games for Android in comment section below

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