In this post, we will see the top 10 open-world games for android with high graphics.

I personally played all this open world android game on my smartphone and tested them individually After playing this open world for countless hours I come up with a concrete list top 10 open-world games for Android. I review these android games on basis of story ark, gameplay, graphics, and overall user interface so here we go.

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Top open world games for Android

10] Wilderness

open world games for Android
Survive – Wilderness survival

Wilderness is a gloried open-world game from maker Nimiian Legends it is designed to be a huge open-world game where you can virtually explore and get lost in it but even bigger scope then either of the previses game in the game there no mission and no quest to complete however only have to do that explore the beautiful sides in the game swim underwater and fly over the sky in addition graphics of this game is really very good but now this game is on Beta tests so it will more good in coming time.

9] Spyder

spyder ios

Now we have Spyder which is an open-world puzzle solving game where you will explore the unique and open environment and play the role of spy Robo spyder hows the main task is still the top information to save the world and also you will get the ability to crawl anywhere the game have standing graphics and beautiful storyline if you like adventure and the puzzle-solving game then consider this game for ones.

8] Desert skies

Desert Skies - Sandbox Survival
Desert Skies – Sandbox Survival

Desert skies it is a wonderful concept open-world sandbox game where you craft your weapon to kill the monster in the desert but here is a twist

But there is a twist that have you have to collect food, water but no some stage players have nothing except 1 hot air balloon.which will help to defend your self from monster and desert and weapon workshop for visual prospective the graphics of the game is good but control is not that fine.

7) MadOut2 BigCityOnline

Mad City 2 Big Open Sandbox
MadCity 2 BigCityOnline

madout city 2 is an open-world game like grand theft auto style sandbox where you are a criminal that means you can steal cars, money and so far you want. and the game starts as usual that you can complete only minor or small missions.

but As you go on you will improve your position and will get important missions the game’s map is also big or massive and for visual prospective the graphics of mad out city 2 is incredible and control are also excellent. You can play this game on high graphics and also in low graphics to.

6) Gangs Town Story – action open world shooter

Gangs Town Story – action open world shooter

The street of fire is an open-world game like GTA auto but the graphics of the street of fire are some of little poor but the controls are fine in this game the map really big you can go anywhere you want. but the game has no mission or no storyline if you want only drive the car then this game is good and in this game, there are every type of guns too because of no storyline or no mission this make a street of fire some of boring and this game is under development and half of the city is a lock

5) Gangster vegas

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Gangstar Vegas is an open-world game base modern-day Las Vegas, Nevada an action and adventure game with the best graphics in this game you are a theft that means you can steal any things that you want about gangster vegas map: the map of gangster vegas is very massive or big. the mission of gangster vegas is very very good but you need a good device to play this game. I mean you will a good mobile or good pc to play this game you will get every type of weapon’s also Friends I had played this game really very thing about this game of excellent.

4] Journey


The journey is beyond stunning. the player controls a robed figure in a hot desert, going towards a mountain which players see in fog, and on every level your scarf gets toller. Different players on a similar excursion can be found, and two players can be meet and will help one another, yet they can’t convey through discourse or text and can’t see each other’s names until after the game’s credits. The main type of correspondence between the two is a melodic ring, which changes dull bits of material found all through the levels into energetic red, influencing the game world and permitting the player to advance through the levels. The designers tried to bring out in the player a feeling of diminutiveness and wonder and to fashion a passionate association among them and the mysterious players they meet en route. The music, created by Austin Wintory, powerfully reacts to the player’s activities, fabricating a solitary subject to speak to the game’s passionate curve all through all the story

3). Dragon raja

Dragon Raja – SEA

Dragon raja is a futuristic high fantasy open-world game the story is driven in anime style Made by stunning motor 4. Mythical beast raja is a cutting edge open-world game. That offers a vivid world using front lines. technology and stunning images and graphics. In dragon raja, players are able to create one of a kind characters to play or explore, fight alongside there friends from all over the world. Friends I had played this game really the graphics, sounds, controls are fantastic.

2). Genshin impact

Genshin Impact

Genshin’s impact is an open-world game. In which you can Investigate a tremendous universe of experience in this all-new open-world title from miHoYoYou and your kin made a trip to Teyvat from a different universe. Isolated on appearance, and now abandoned here, you set about looking for answers from “The Seven” — the lords of every component.

En route, you will unreservedly investigate this wondrous world, unite with a different scope of characters, and disentangle the incalculable puzzles that Teyvat holds.

In any case, when you learn of an old danger currently confronting this world again — will you, a Stranger, be the one to remain the flares?

Enormous Open World, Run, climb, swim and float your way over an excellent open world that is all your own, brimming with stunning scenes to view, interesting difficulties to vanquish, and assorted societies to submerge yourself in. But Genshin’s impact is not lunch on play store but the lunching date is declared on 28 September. The graphics of this game incredibly cool. If you want to play an adventure game then it.

1). Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This time Rockstar Games carries its greatest delivery to a portable yet with a huge open-world covering the territory of San Andreas and its three significant urban communities – Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas – with upgraded visual devotion and more than 70 hours of interactivity.

Terrific Burglary Auto: San Andreas highlights:

• Remastered, high-goal designs constructed explicitly for portable including lighting upgrades, and enhanced shading palette, and improved character models.

• Cloud spare help for playing over the entirety of your cell phones for Rockstar Social Club Individuals.

• Double simple stick controls for full camera and development control.

Friends I had played this game. Really GTA grand theft auto: San Andreas is fantastic in everything like graphics, control, etc.

So here are my Top 10 open-world games for Android list what you guys think about it let me know in the comment section below

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